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Frequently Asked Questions

No, laminate is water resistant.  SPC Vinyl Planks (which we sell) are waterproof.  The main difference is the amount of moisture and length of time the flooring can be exposed to. Example: An overwatered house plant begins to leak onto the floor while you are gone at work. The laminate will be warped and swelled. SPC will be unchanged hours later.

Clean tile, laminate and vinyl planks with a flat mop for best results. A few drops of mild dish soap mixed with water or Swiffer solution works best. For carpet, regularly vacuum your flooring and spot treat with a product like Folex Carpet Cleaner. 

SPC Vinyl Planks are the perfect option! Due to their durable composition, vinyl planks are dent and scratch resistant. We carry commercial grade SPC vinyl planks with 20 mil wear layer that will protect your flooring from the challenges that come with kids and pets.

Laminate is comprised of a laminate layer on top which is printed with a high-quality image of a wood plank pattern. Underneath this is the wooden composite core. (HDF or MDF).

SPC vinyl flooring also contains a wood image wear layer but its core is different. This core is made from a densely packed combination of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. The core is followed by a waterproof attached backing which brings cushioning and sound insulation.

SPC vinyl planks are densely packed whereas the extra thickness in laminate accounts for air in the core which makes it prone to dents and scratches.