When is SPC Vinyl The Right Choice for your Las Vegas Flooring Project

There are various amazing flooring types in the market right now. While most of them look dazzling, it also has to be functional. That’s why it is important to know when to choose SPC Vinyl for your Las Vegas flooring.

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite) is also known as Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl. SPC is one of the most indestructible type of flooring option available. Apart from being completely rigid due to its various layers, it is also waterproof. Overall, SPC flooring is pretty great but it might not be in all situations. Keep reading to find out if SPC Vinyl is the right choice for your floor construction.

SPC Vinyl Flooring installed inside a Residential Home  | Las Vegas, NV
SPC Vinyl Flooring Las Vegas

When you are expecting a lot of Traffic: it’s no surprise that SPC Vinyl is used for many commercial buildings. This is because its core is so rigid that it can withstand high traffic better than other types of flooring. If you have a large and active family, SPC Vinyl flooring is ideal for you.

Use SPC in Humid areas: because it is waterproof, SPC is great to use in kitchens, bathrooms or the basement. Unlike wood, there is no danger of it absorbing moisture and getting warped over time. As a plus, SPC comes in wood patterns so it gets to look like wood without the usual disadvantages of wood.

When you want maximum Durability and Longevity: SPC is not just very strong, it will also last for up to 20 years because it is easy to wipe away stains. In the worst case scenario, you have to replace a tile if it because you cannot refurbish it to look new again. On the bright side, SPC flooring is very affordable so replacement will not be a problem.

Overall, SPC is a great material to use in Las Vegas and it is usually mistaken for Las Vegas laminate flooring and floor tiles but it is actually cheaper and more durable than these options.

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